Why Choose Monkey Business Consignment Sale?

Monkey Business is a semi-annual sales event featuring everything that relates to children, teens, and now…working Moms! This sale is designed to help you not only find great bargains but also help you sell your previously loved items at a great price! And the best part is that you get all this without running from store to store or shopping garage sales every weekend!

The Monkey Business Difference

  • Our online entry software is the most user-friendly available on the market.
  • Our consignors are not limited to the number of children’s items they can sell.
  • We allow you to continue entering items right up until midnight the night before drop-off.
  • You can print your tags at home at your convenience!
  • We understand that you are investing in our sale, and we strive to give you a profitable return on your investment.
  • We want YOU to be successful!



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